Anti Corruption

Anti Corruption

Fighting Corruption and Crime Investigation Cell (Regd.) under its President Mr. Rohit Sabharwal, is a sincere and collective efforts to fight corruption and crime. This NGO aims high to combat the greater evil in India, namely corruption.

We believe that the fight against corruption and crime is the greatest challenge of our time for both business and society in general. If this fight is to succeed, all efforts against corruption must be ignited and supported.

The biggest threat to our country is corruption and crime. We assure a very honest and sincere effort to combat them.

The word corruption in the financial sense, refers to people in politics, government or international businesses that choose to seek illegitimate personal gain through illegal activity. The illegal activity may take the form of bribery, extortion, fraud, theft or other abuses of power to achieve an unfair advantage and illegal. Fighting corruption refers to the efforts of banks and other financial institutions to combat this illegal activity and prevent the laundering of proceeds of crime, as soon as possible.

The world's financial reputation is paramount. Now more than ever, law and good business practices, financial institutions implement methods to combat corruption and systems to protect customers and the reputation of their institution. Management of financial institutions to be absolutely sure that any potential new customer will bring good, reliable income that can limit their risk exposure, particularly with customers in new markets. Each institution will want to be sure that they are not / do not help a customer without knowing it, to hide the proceeds of corruption and the laundering of their black gains through the financial system. The penalty for failing to regulate the collection of corrupt individuals and institutions is important.

You must be able to tell if your opportunity could be what the financial industry needs a politically exposed person - a PEP - a person in a position of authority who have access to resources that might be tempted to steal something from him. And you will be sure that it can meet the requirements for legislators and regulators around the world.


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