Google Releases Chrome For Mac and Linux

Google Releases Chrome For Mac and Linux

Google has finally released beta versions of its Chrome web browser for Mac and Linux. Like the original version of Windows, Chrome for OS X and Linux attempts to bring together a clean and simple design, with experience of navigation and quick response. Most if not all these remarkable features in the Windows version has been more than (for example, runs each tab in a separate process and Omnibar), but there are some additions, both for new releases.

For example, contains beta Mac OS X features such as integrated into the sandbox, spell checker, and keychain - not to mention that it is written 73,804 lines of code specific to Mac Meanwhile Google version of Linux designed to have tight integration with native GTK themes, updates managed by the system administrator default package and much more.

Google made a little note and hopefully temporary Bummer about the version of OS X. While Windows and Linux has access to over 300 extensions, which "is beta-quality Mac yet."

The Good :

  • It is effective as soon as the speed champion in Safari on the Mac much faster than Firefox, Camino or Opera on a Mac are not much faster than Firefox on Ubuntu.
  • Bar Chrome download is more useful than any competitor.
  • It is much better to handle large quantities (20 +) of the tabs in Firefox and even Safari on Mac
  • There are separate instances of the browser sessions, ie if one tab fails, it should be left unharmed. This was my experience of the event, but I had an accident in havne't the final Beta version yet to be confirmed.
  • Chrome is the first to incorporate the Webkit browser for Linux. Most people have not been used Konqueror as Firefox is the most popular browser on Linux. It is good to have another option in chromium, especially when Google is building around Chromeo.
  • Are there other standards-based browser brings WebKit to power the platform.
  • Incognito mode you can surf without traces of other teams Soemon
  • The Address Bar is also a search bar. Very easy (and hard to leave!)

The Bad :

  • Chrome for Mac will not let you use extensions yet. Google plans to get them ready for the Mac soon.
  • Scroll bars are growing in size and other issues are still quite common CSS.
  • Google Gears / HTML cache is database anywhere.
  • Chrome will probably splinter "other than IE" crowd, instead of taking significant outsid Microsoft. Most Microsoft users are not the type to know how you change a browser.


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