Megan Hauserman Pictures

She was a winning contestant on the third season of Beauty and the Geek along with her partner Alan "Scooter" Zackheim.

In February 2007, Hauserman revealed in an exclusive interview that she would spend her half of the money: "I’m going to go to Disneyland and go on vacation, and get my hair done." However, during a phone interview in September 2008, Hauserman was asked what she had done with the Beauty and the Geek money and she said she put all of it, $125,000, towards her mortgage.

Megan hauserman pictures

Sexy Carmen Electra hot Photo Gallery

Sexy Carmen Electra hot Photo Gallery Name : Carmen Electra
Real Name : Tara Leigh Patrick
Date of Birth : 20 April 1972
Place of Birth : Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Sign : Aries
Height : 5'4''
Weight : 110 lbs
Occupation : Actress, Singer, Model
Spouse : Dennis Rodman (filed for divorce)

Tara Leigh Patrick born April 20, 1972 , professionally known as Carmen Electra, is an American glamour model, actress, television personality, dancer, and singer.she joined the voice cast of the animated series Tripping the Rift, replacing Gina Gershon as the voice of the sexy android "Six". Also in 2005, she began the Naked Women's Wrestling League, acting as the commissioner for the professional wrestling promotion. In late 2006, Carmen began to be featured in commercials by Taco Bell.

Sexy Carmen Electra hot Photo Gallery

Sexy Carmen Electra hot Photo Gallery

In May 1996 Carmen Electra Appeared in Playboy magazine and appeared in the video "Playboy Cheerleaders"

Since then Carmen has been married to basket ball star Denise Rodman and more recently to Jane's Addiction and Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Dave Navarro.

Sexy Carmen Electra hot Photo Gallery

Sexy Carmen Electra hot Photo Gallery

Miss Puerto Rico 2009 Sexy Photos

Miss Puerto Rico 2009, Miss Puerto Rico 2009 Sexy Photos

Miss Puerto Rico is born August 28, 1988 in San Juan, Puerto Rico,Miss Puerto Rico won, Miss Cabo Rojo Teenage 2005, Miss Puerto Rico Teenage 2005, Miss Teen International 2006, Miss Cabo Rojo Universe 2009, Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2009, Major Competition(s): Miss Puerto Rico Teenage 2005, Miss Teen International 2006, Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2009 this tital in her career.

Miss Puerto Rico 2009, Miss Puerto Rico 2009 Sexy Photos

Miss Universe 2009 Miss Puerto Rico Mayra Matos Odds: If you are looking for a reason to tune in to see Miss Universe 2009, look no further. Where else can you see the most beautiful women in all regions worldwide in various fields such shirt and the ever popular swimsuit,Fortunately for you, Miss Universe 2009 Odds makers have not only projected his victory, but she will steal your heart in time to see it! Visit right now for a complete list of this year's Miss Universe 2009 Odds.

Miss Puerto Rico Bikini Photos, Miss Puerto Rico 2009

One of the best candidates for the crown is the tropical Miss Puerto Rico Mayra Matos [15 / 1]. Matos will compete on August 23 against other wonderful women in Nassau, Bahamas for a shot at Miss Universe 2009 crown.Miss Puerto Rico 2009 is a stunning 5'10 "model with brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. Matos is no stranger to beauty pageants when she won the 2006 title of Miss Teen International in the early age of seventeen.

Miss Puerto Rico pictures, Miss Puerto Rico Bikini Photos

Miss Puerto Rico pictures

Miss Puerto Rico pictures

Summerslam 2009

Summerslam 2009 History of Summerslam

The first SummerSlam was held on August 29, 1988 at Madison Square Garden in New York. In 2002, the WWE brand extension where the list was split, and fighters and pay per views were made exclusively for RAW and SmackDown! marks. As a result, SummerSlam, WrestleMania, Royal Rumble and Survivor Series events only four wrestlers and matches with both brands.The 2006 event was the first to also feature the ECW completely fresh. 2007, however, all pay-per-views began again with the talent of the three brands.

In 22 years SummerSlam, the world has witnessed some of the best moments in the squared circle, including countless victories, and exhibitions of the extraordinary culmination of hostilities hottest WWE.

SummerSlam was also the site of the official chart first, Ladders and Chairs match - one of the most crucial matches of his career in ECW Champion Christian.

SummerSlam 2009 Ticket Rates

Tickets for this year, SummerSlam went on sale this morning at The pay-per-view will be held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. This is the first PPV in this field for over two years. Prices are $ 20, $ 40, $ 60, $ 80, $ 100 and $ 300 for Ringside, including presidential commemorative coins.

Creepy Billy Bush Ryan Jenkins Connection

Creepy Billy Bush Ryan Jenkins connection

To Two big stories dominated the entertainment headlines across the country this Sunday: the search for alleged murderers Ryan Jenkins and Miss Universe 2009 Parade of the Bahamas. Those who closely followed both opened in a substantial connection between the two mysterious.

Then cut to Billy Bush Miss Universe 2009 on stage a few hours later, the introduction of the ten finalists for Miss Universe 2009 during the evening gown portion of the program. Billy Bush looked over his shoulder to the ten beauties and then directly into the camera and said: "I love my life ... and I love my wife!" and then shook her mane of hair, a little man and let the pearl-white glow.

It seems crazy to think that Billy Bush mocked Ryan Jenkins, Jasmine Fiore murder case - especially for a character, and if a race is not ruffling feathers. So it was just a strange coincidence that right around the time police found Ryan Jenkins hanged to death in a motel in Canada, was Billy Bush Mega TV-chilling "final message" throughout the world?

Kim Zolciak Real Hair

Kim zolciak real hair The recordings of the first season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim Zolciak, the curvaceous blonde with big ambitions to become a country music star, turned their backs on her child's best friend, but found a new partner Sheree. And while his singing career was just getting started (yet), her romance with mystery millionaire Big Papa caught viewers, while speculation about his age (and hair) lights up on the Internet.As Real Housewives of Atlanta are preparing for the extraordinary session of the first season (airing Tuesday on Bravo), Kim addresses the rumors and talk to people about his friendship with Nene, his break with "Big Papa" and how it has changed since that be on TV. - Chris Willard.

We have not had that glass of wine to be honest with you. Hopefully in the near future, now that the program has calmed down and life is a bit quieter, we actually sit down and talk. I heard that Nene was upset by images of her [singing about me] in the limo. His intention was not to hurt my feelings.

That being said, Nene and I have been friends for long.Kim Zolciak, who was added to the cast at the last minute to attract white viewers to the show, is emerging as the most likable cast member of the scripted show. I think it's fantastic. She is funny and entertaining, and my oldest daughter (Brielle) simply adore her.

Tokyo Swine Flu Hits Japanese Baseball Team

Tokyo Swine flu hits Japanese baseball tmea

Japan - All players and officials of Nippon Ham Fighters baseball team will be evidence of swine flu, after two players and a coach have contracted the virus, the team of the Japanese Pacific League, said Wednesday.

Former Major League Personal data Terrmel Sledge, pitcher and coach Naoki Miyanishi Junichi Fukura were confirmed to have contracted the virus when 27 people were examined on Tuesday.

Wednesday battle in Asahikawa has been suspended due to rain, so affected players left the team hotel as a precaution.
Nippon Ham Fighters manager Masataka Nash said. "I just hope it does not spread further. We can not continue to fight with players who are in good health."

The team still plans to continue with the games scheduled while providing visitors with a disinfectant at the entrances to the stadium. But events do not play that involves the fans has been canceled.

The Japanese government on Wednesday warned that the "full epidemic of right" swine influenza can be started after reporting a third death in five days for the virus.

Authorities believe that tens of thousands of people trapped in the A (H1N1), which for the first time on the island in May, but say they have seen no sign that mutates to become more deadly.

Neha In Sexy Bikini Beach Photos

Neha Dhupia is one of the famous bollywood actress and also a hot model.

Neha In Sexy Bikini Beach Photos

In the year 2002 Neha participated in Miss India Universe and won the crown for 2002.

Neha Dhupia comes in bollywood after winning universe competition and played a role in the movie qayamat and become hot actress from film julie where lots of kiss and bold scenes was there.

More photos of Neha :

neha 3

neha 5

neha sexy

Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez Photos

Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez Photos

Stefania Fernandez was born on 4 September 1990 and won the title of Miss Venezuela 2008 in a competition held in Caracas, Venezuela last September 10, 2008. She was crowned by outgoing represented Dayana Mendoza, Miss Venezuela 2007 and Miss Universe 2008, Stefania Fernandez, Miss Universo 2009 - Stefania Fernandez his country, Venezuela, Miss Universe 2009 pageant in the Bahamas, and was crowned Miss Universe 2009.

Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez Photos

She also became the second Miss Trujillo to win this title as Miss Venezuela pageant began in 1952. The first was Barbara Palacios, Miss Universe and Miss Venezuela 1986 Stefania Galicia is the 1986th Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian and Polish origin, she practices, tennis and swimming. His mother is Krupij Holojad Nadia and her father is Carlos Fernandez

Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez pictures

Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez Photos

Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez Photos

Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez Photos

Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez Photos

Megan Hauserman Twitter Profile

Megan Hauserman Twitter Updates

Megan Hauserman Twitter Updates, Megan Hauserman Twitter Profile

TV Reality Show "Megan wants Millionaire" host Megan Hausermann Twitter page. So Stay connected with Megan Hausermann Twitter updates are friends or follower of Megan's profile Hausermann Twitter's.

In Megan Hauserman Twitter profile her name is "Megan Hauserman" and her location details is "Hollywood, CA". She Tweet about 57 and has more than 4800 Followers.

Megan's most wanted Hausermann Twitter Internet due to the cancellation of Megan wants a millionaire. Megan Hausermann Put all the updates related to his personal life, some tips on millionaire Megan wants to show your photos video and more things for fun.

World's Tallest Man

World's tallest man stands at a towering 8ft 11ins

World's tallest man stands at a towering 8ft 11insBorn : February 22, 1918.
Died : July 15, 1940 (aged 22)
Other names : Alton Giant, Gentle Giant
Height :8 ft 11.1 in (2.72 m)
Weight :490 lb (220 kg)
Known for :Tallest verified human being
Parents :Harold Franklin Wadlow,Addie Johnson

The biggest man in medical history for whom there is irrefutable evidence is Robert Pershing Wadlow.
Born in Alton, Illinois, USA, 22 February 1918, and when was the last measurement, 27 June 1940, found that 2.72 meters (8 feet 11.1 inches) high.

He has spent years fell away from the limelight and at school his nickname was "Titch" because it was so small.

But Ukrainian Leonid Stadnyk has officially become the tallest man standing in the world in an impressive 5ins in height 8 feet.

Measuring an impressive 8ins taller than the previous record of Mongolia Xi Shun, who has long been suspected that Stadnyk should have the official title of world's tallest man.

Death :On July 4, 1940, while making a professional appearance at the National Forest Festival, a faulty brace irritated his ankle, causing a blister and subsequent infection.

Doctors treated him with a blood transfusion and emergency surgery, but his condition worsened and on July 15, 1940. He died in his sleep.

Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami Episode 2 s01e02 Preview

Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami : TV Series has been released its new episode “Sex Drugs Consequences” on yesterday 23rd August, 2009.

Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami Episode 2 s01e02

TV Series : Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami
Episode Title : “Sex Drugs Consequences”
Producer : Ryan Seacrest
Genre : Reality TV Show
Air Date : 23rd August, 2009
Cast : Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian

Synopsis of Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami s01e02

The two sisters Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, decided to move to Miami, Florida to open a new D-A-S-H store on the east coast. In this episode, Khloe’s job is to set on the line when she pulls out drugs in the workplace; Kourtney Kourtney embraces affection from a gay Lesbian. Watch online youtube video of Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami s01e02 from youtube.

Seagate Expansion Portable Drive 640GB

Seagate Expansion Portable Drive 640GBBrand : Seagate
Product name : Portable Drive 640GB
Product code : ST906404EXD101-RK
Release date : 08/05/2009


  • USB Connection
  • Transfer Rate 480Mbps
  • Color: Titanium Silver & Tuxedo Black
  • Support for 'Seagate docking station'
  • Form Factor: 2.5"
  • Warranty: 5-year
  • Spindle Speed: 5400 RPM
  • Dimensions: 0.49"H x 3.15"W x 5.12"L
  • Weight: 5.64 oz (0.16 kg)
  • Compatibility: Windows XP/Vista

FreeAgent Go Pros:

  • Thinnest Portable drive on the planet
  • Ten different colors
  • Automatic Backup
  • Encryption technology
  • Fast USB data transfer Seagate FreeAgent has presented its latest series of portable USB hard drive as a 640GB Seagate FreeAgent Go drive is much greater capacity offered in his range of durable FreeAgent portable hard drives.

The 2.5 "640 GB Seagate FreeAgent Go, unlike their predecessors, too many to be offered in two colors (ie, titanium silver and black tuxedo) and offers functionality for automatic backup and encryption (so that all parts imported from the mind), but as the time of writing, is still within Seagate will announce an availability date or unit prices.

Acer M900 Review

Acer presents its latest Smartphone model M900.

Acer M900Acer M900 Smartphones starting bid price of 1000usd. Weight Smartphone is 188grms only. It has all the latest technology, superior resulation camera, WiFi, integrated GPS module, etc. It has a really big screen that is larger than the Pro2 HTC Touch.

The manufacturer introduced the bill back in time MWC 2009, which currently consists of four Windows Mobile smartphones. Three of them are using a new interface, called Acer Shell, realized by the company. In this review, we are about to take a closer look at Acer M900.

M900 has 128 MB SDRAM for user applications and storage, 256 MB flash memory for OS. It also has FM radio, voice recorder and voice command. M900 provide more facilities, Ringtone, CSD Type, Voice Commander, Connection Wizard, SMS Sender, MMS Composer, SIM Manager, Video Telephony. Acer also presented rechargeable Battery with 1530mAh.

Jennifer Lopez is a Triple Threat

Jennifer Lopez is born in the Brox, New york, on 24 july 1970.

Jennifer Lopez is a Triple Threat

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most successful singres and dancers in the world, and also a highest paid Latina actress in history.

Lopez is also owns a thriving fashion design and perfume company. Her salary per movie has soared past the $12 million mark and she has earns Golden Glob and Gtammy Award nomination for her efforts.

She has created an empire worth almost $300 million and has broken numerous bounderies and stereotypes along the way.

Jennifer Lopez is, as they say in Hollywood, a 'Triple Threat'

Angry Octopus Comics

Angry Octopus Comics - Zoe's Summer Project.

Angry Octopus Comics

Angry Octopus Comics is a collaboration between his daughter and Mikepop webcomic, updated twice a week. Created with mixed media and processed in Photoshop, the hypothesis is simple: Octopus always get angry.

Octopus Comics - Zoe's Summer Project.

Mikepop and his daughter has comeup with most of the strip ideas, and he help her story board them out, his daughter draws a lots of the elements which Mikepop scan in and draw some odds and ends, kind of stitch everything together in Photoshop and add some apecial effects.

Angry octopus comics updates twice a week at Tuesday and Thursday for the summer.

Sony Cuts Price of PS3 Consoles

Sony Entertainment has announced it is cutting the price of its PlayStation 3 game consoles.

Sony cuts price of PS3 consoles

In Europe, the price declined to 299 euros in the U.S. for $ 299 and in the UK for £ 249.99. Sony made the announcement at a press conference prior to the Games Convention 2009 - gamescom - in Cologne.

It also announced it was ending production of its current PlayStation 3 model for a new thinner lighter, with a 120 GB hard drive. Growth of the PlayStation 3 has been slow compared to previous releases, as critics put down, and that a high price compared to its competitors, Microsoft's Xbox 360 from £ 129 and Nintendo Wii at £ 169.

According to Sony's head,"It has the same features and functionality [as the old PS3], but now it is 32% smaller, 36% lighter and consumes 34% less power". For more information click here.

Mad Men season 3 episode 2

Mad Men : TV series presents its new episode 2 "Love Among the Ruins", which is about to release on 23rd August, 2009.

Mad Men season 3 episode 2, Mad Men s03e02, Mad Men season 3, Mad Men

Tv Series : Mad Men
Episode Title : Love Among the Ruins
Director : Lesli Linka Glatter
Writer : Kater Gordon, Andre Jacquemetton, Maria Jacquemetton
Genre : Drama
Air Date : August 23, 2009.

Starring Cast of Mad Men S03e02

Alexa Alemanni as Allison
Kevin Cooney as Edgar Raffit
Eve Curtis as Secretary
Emelle as Secretary
Billy Finnigan
Jared Gilmore as Robert Draper
James Immekus as Charlie
Eric Ladin as William Hofstadt
Kiernan Shipka as Sally Draper
Abigail Spencer as Miss Farrell
Audrey Wasilewski as Anita Olsen Respola

Mad Men s03e02 Synopsis

Don's father-in-law pays a visit to the family of his daughter. Peggy is working hard on a campaign while trying to decide whether the conclusion of an unusual request from a client. Elsewhere, Roger is planning a wedding. Betty gets a visit from her father. Sterling Cooper grapples with a very specific client request. Roger makes arrangements for a wedding. Peggy becomes personally affected by a campaign.

Robin Williams Accidental Star of New Indie Comedy

Robin Williams accidental star of new indie comedy, Robin Williams

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) :- Yes, you want to have a great script and a talented director, but no project ever get done until a star is attached.You simply cannot make a movie without someone to play a leading and has a star will help if you are looking for financing or distribution.

After the accidental death of his teenage son unbearably unpleasant (Daryl Sabara of "Spy Kids"), suddenly finds the fame and fortune he always craved. One question: Can you live with the knowledge of how it happened?

Police : Reality TV star found dead

Reality TV star found dead, according to Police.

Police: Reality TV star found deadCanadian Police says, A reality show contestant wanted for murder in the gruesome death and mutilation of his ex-wife was found dead Sunday in an apparent suicide by hanging himself in a motel in Canada alone.

Sgt. Duncan pound Royal Canadian Mounted integrity of the Border Police unit, said police responded to a call of a dead person in Hope, east of Vancouver, and then called investigators, who were part of the search Jenkins mass.

Pound said, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are "now able to confirm that a deceased person that was found in a motel in Hope, British Columbia is, in fact, Ryan Jenkins,"

According to pound, police don't yet know how long Jenkins was at the motel before his body was discovered. For more information click here.

True blood season 2 episode 11

True Blood : Tv series presents its latest episode "Frenzy", which is about to release on 30th August, 2009.

True blood season 2 episode 11, True blood, True blood season 2, True blood s02e11

Tv series : True Blood
Episode Title : Frenzy
Director : Daniel Minahan
Writer : Alan Ball
Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Air Date : Aug 30, 2009.

Starring Cast of Frenzy

Rutina Wesley as Tara Thornton
Nelsan Ellis as Lafayette Reynolds
Jim Parrack as Hoyt Fortenberry
Deborah Ann as Woll Jessica
Ryan Kwanten as Jason Stackhouse
Sam Trammell as Sam Merlotte
Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman
Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse
Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton

True Blood S02e11 Synopsis

Bill seeks the advice of Anne-Sophie, the vampire queen of Louisiana, but must exercise patience before she gives critical information. Meanwhile, Sookie and Lafayette take to protect themselves Tara is more difficult than expected, a desperate Sam becomes a likely source of aid and loyalty samples Jessica Maxine Hoyt.

Nora Roberts Tribute

Nora roberts, Nora roberts tribute

Nora Roberts in the film "Tribute" Cilla McGowan (Brittany Murphy) is a former child star who has found more satisfactory to restore old houses. In search of a normal life, Cilla buy her grandmother's house in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia to rescue it from ruin. His hope that the serenity is soon overshadowed by disturbing dreams of his famous grandmother, who died of an overdose of the house over 30 years. Cilla soon created a romantic relationship with Ford Sawyer (Jason Lewis), her handsome new neighbor, ultimately, comforts and protects when your dreams and dark family secrets spiral into a nightmare. The "Tribute" by Nora Roberts films based on the book title of the same name.

Miss Universe 2009

Stefanía Fernandez Krupij is born on September 4, 1990 at Merida, Merida state.

Miss Universe 2009, Miss Universe

Stefania is Russian, Ukrainian, Galician and Polish origin, and its practice, tennis and swimming.

Stefanía Fernandez is the new Miss Universe 2009, the city of Merida, Venezuela, who represented his country, Venezuela, Miss Universe 2009 pageant in the Bahamas. Fernandez won the title of Miss Venezuela 2008 in a competition held in Caracas, Venezuela, 10 September 2008. She was crowned by the outgoing, Dayana Mendoza, Miss Venezuela 2007 and Miss Universe 2008. Fernandez also won the "Miss Elegance", "Best Body" and "Best Face" title.

The Miss Universe 2009 show was complited in two-hour, a panel of 12 judges elected renowned Stefania Fernandez, of the 84 participants. They were tried by his grace, intelligence and good posture. Here are Miss Universe some more photos in below.

Miss Universe, Miss Universe 2009

Miss Universe'09, 2009 Miss Universe

Cowboys vs Titans

A football game played in Arlington, Texas,between Dallas Cowboys and Titans.

Cowboys vs Titans

In the first football game in nearly $ 1.2 billion cowboys Stadium, Romo looked right at home, will 18 of 24 for 192 yards and sending Dallas on their way to a 30-10 victory over Tennessee Titans in a PRESEASON game.

Cowboys (1-1) plays up the mood, for the most part.

Romo said that"It was unbelievable",comparing the atmosphere at a regular season game. "It's very exciting to be part of something special. It is only going to continue to improve throughout the year continues.

Thousands of fans rushed in when the doors were opened two hours before the launch, many eager to see how huge video meetings, and some only in a hurry to claim the best standing in the room. At that time, the players went to a club full of fans to go to the area that was all smiles about finally come to play here, who have heard much about for so long.

Collins played the entire first half and was 8 of 11 for 55 yards and landing, but the offense had only 78 yards.

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