Halloween 2 Movie Review

Halloween 2 Movie ReviewRelease Date: August 28, 2009
Director: Rob Zombie
Cast: Scout Taylor-Compton, Tyler Mane, Danielle Harris, Daniel Roebuck, Ezra Buzzington, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Jeffrey Daniel Phillips, Dayton Callie, Richard Brake, Matt Bush, Howard Hesseman
Genre: Horror, Suspense Thriller

Halloween II is a sequel to the remake of the movie Halloween was released in 1978. Both films are directed by Rob Zombie, and this is a film that represents the psychological state of Laurie. Michael Myers is back with a vengeance, as they still can not find his sister and the entire series, desperately seeking a reunion with his sister, whom he had last seen as a baby. In order to receive treatment for an injury, Laurie is admitted to a hospital only to discover that Michael, who had been seen as dead left to kill the other patients who are hospitalized. It has to find his sister and the experiment continues its violent wave of killings.

Halloween II, the nuances of artistic Fartsy - pretentious, capital "S" symbolism, characterization or zero voltage. Yes, we all have a lesson in what looks like a white horse in your dream means that therapists. But, friend, rent some of Hitchcock. It is not entirely expected "sudden" lifting of the same or graphics, sound effects aided by decapitation or impaling what we do. This is hunting, the growing horror of what the victim (and the viewer) that comes fear.

Halloween 2 Movie Review

Since the first "Halloween" movies - that define the slasher genre that launched the career of a young Jamie Lee Curtis's - opened in 1978, the 10-film series in general, has refused to indulge with a coherent plot and tissue psychological history again. It's just death, death, fear, remove the guts to live in a safe room, through private French knife.

John Carpenter's "Halloween II" took the story line of the hospital where Laurie better after his battle with Michael. However, "Zombie's Halloween II" skips through the bits of the hospital (it summarily dispense with the nightmare of Laurie) and a zoom send us a full year. Laurie (Scout Taylor-Compton) is in therapy, I have horrible nightmares, and works in some way by the hipster record store. Halloween is coming. Everyone thinks that Michael (Tyler Mane) be dead, but his body was never found. Although she did not know she is the sister of Michael, Laurie, however worried.


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