Natalie Portman Gets Interviewed

Natalie Portman Gets Interviewed

From "Beautiful Girls" I've been a fan of Natalie Portman, although I admit I'm not a big "Star Wars" supporter. I liked most with Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, but the new does not really do anything for me. But my dissatisfaction with the new "Star Wars" movie has nothing to do with Portman. She is a solid actor, even when the material support that it is not so great.

Interview with Natalie Portman:

How did this project for you?

I had the dash of my agency and read it. You can see when I read a script, if I start saying the lines when I read that there is something I am very excited to do because I can not wait for the second round to begin to hear how it sounds. So it was very exciting and fun to watch a character that was so uninhibited in the left as crazy as she is.

How do you feel comfortable acting crazy?

It took a lot to let go, probably because I am a person who is somewhat more constrained, and a little more reserved. But it was fun because they can always blame the character, so I could experiment with myself and say it was just the nature of error.

What was the funniest moment set?

Dog humping providers scene. The dog had regard to the two parts of the bulge. So the signal assembly [was], "Love him up." As coach said, "Ike, love him, love him up." So he rides. And then twist was, "Who's your bitch?" We were just losing it, and Zach is like being raped by this dog. It was the funniest thing.

That is the sign as you?

I think not. Well, I certainly have a kind of silly, crazy side to me and always be a part of themselves to nature. But of course, I think it is a sign. She is a working [in] a kind of boring jobs in New Jersey, who goes up against a disease that has had since she was little and the disappointment, and what he did with his hopes. And, you know, she obviously had a very different life experience than me.

Do you like comedy?

It was fun. I think people always think I'm so serious but I am laughing and having a good time. My favorite kind of movies are comedies and fun movies, entertaining movies. So it was fun to play, and Zach created this environment where everyone has fun all the time. We were all focused and excited to work with this movie, but we believe that the joke around between takes, and then would be the role, and it was just kind of the same energy in a group of friends hanging out.

How did you comfortable crazy driver?

It took a lot to offer sliding well, Because I am a person who is somewhat more constrained, and a little more reserved. But funny it was because since the beginning of blaming nature, said I could experiment with myself and say it was just the nature of the error.


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