Parsi New Year 2009

Parsi New year 2009 Pateti.

Jamshed-e-Navroz is a festival held on the first day of the first month of the Zoroastrian years. The new year of Parsis corresponds with the vernal equinox or the introduction of spring. The time was decided in Iran, which then turned into a world of Zoroastrians.

This festival was first held in jams King after whom the festival is named. It is held in memory of the ascension of King on the day of Navroz. "Navigation" means "New" and "Roz" means "Days."

The day coincided with the Vernal Equinox importance of equal day and equal night. The day also marks the transition from winter to summer.People who visit the temple of fire or Agiary special thanks to prayer is called "Jashan". After the ceremony, people greet each other by saying "Sal Mubarak".

People exchange gifts because of the congestion-e-Navroz. Parsi festivals bring people of all classes, which is a sign of equality.

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