Lunch Monkey Season 1 Episode 2

Lunch Monkey Season 1 Episode 2

Lunch Monkey : The Tv series presents its new episode no.2 "Dog Boy Darrel", which is about to airs on September 17, 2009.

Tv series : Lunch Monkey
Title : Dog Boy Darrel
Genre : Comedy
Air date : September 17, 2009.

Synopis of Lunch Monkey s01e02 :

Charlie tries to convince Tania to give her baby away. Meanwhile, Darrel pretends to be Jason Bourne and has mock fight with Asif, who thinks he is Jackie Chan. Also, Darrel loses a client's cheque, which stirs things up in the office. Solicitor Charlie tries to persuade Tania to get rid of their baby. In the post room, Darrel thinks he is Jason Bourne while Asif thinks he is Jackie Chan. They have a fight and Darrel loses a client's cheque but gains a pair of Gloria's pants. The client is coming in to confront the boss, Mike, so Asif puts Darrel under hypnosis to find the cheque, with alarming consequences. Shelley discovers that gambling is brilliant.


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