Megan Fox's scary sexual power

Megan Fox's scary sexual power

Megan Fox is scared of her "supernatural" sexual power.

The 'Jennifer's Body' actress - who is widely regarded as the world's most beautiful woman - was overwhelmed by how influential her looks and body could be and was unsure how to use her attractive assets to her advantage.

She told People magazine: "I think initially it's sort of overwhelming because little girls are very much exposed to sexuality through the media and the entertainment industry and advertisements. So when you realise that you have the same power that you've watched women who've come before you have, it is frightening and you don't know what to do with it.

"I don't think you ever get comfortable with it. It's a strange, an almost supernatural thing."

However, the 23-year-old beauty - who has an on/off romance with actor Brian Austin Green - has not always been popular with men.

She explained: "I was not 'the sh*t' in high school. I was not an outcast but I didn't have a ton of friends. I got picked on, and I ate lunch in the bathroom because I was afraid of being picked on in the cafeteria. I was a loner, and I think that's OK.

"I think it's perfectly acceptable not to run with cliques."

Megan recently admitted she finds it "awful" how women fight for male attention.

She said: "Girls are awful. But I think girls are awful because of the way society is set up and that we're forced to constantly be in competition for male attention. I think we're raised the wrong way with the wrong standards and our fathers raise us wrong. And so we search the rest of our lives for boys to pay attention to validate us."


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