Poonam Jhawer on Playboy?

Poonam Jhawer on Playboy?

The sexy lady Poonam Jhawar has said an emphatic NO to agents of Playboy who had reportedly wanted her to be the woman in their centerspread. Though Poonam was all for it, she immediately backed out when Playboy wanted Poonam Jhawar to go nude.

She was hot actress, dancer and singing sensation Poonam Jhawar who has never shied from provocative poses has said that she was in no way going to accept Playboy's demands of doing a nude centerspread. This is what she said about the money being offered, ""I really don’t care about how much they were ready to pay me for that. If I am not comfortable with something, then I don’t even bother to ask about the amount.” Having said that the voluptuous Poonam Jhawar had once appeared in body paint, wearing only a flimsy bikini. For Poonam Jhawar, body suit is fine but not birthday suit!


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