Top 10 Terrorist Countries with most Terrorism Organizations

As per the report India ranked no. 1 Terriorism Organisation country in the world.

Top 10 Terrorist Countries with most terrorism organizations

Terrorism is the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion.One way is to use violence against non-combatants with the purpose to get publicity to a group, cause, or individual. Such activities are run by such types of terrorist group who help that group in such activity like training, weapons etc. is called terrorist organisation.

Top 10 ranked Terrorism organization counties

  1. India , 16 Terrorist Organisation
  2. Afghanistan , 13 Terrorist Organisation
  3. Pakistan , 12 Terrorist Organisation
  4. Israel , 8 Terrorist Organisation
  5. United Kingdom , 7 Terrorist Organisation
  6. Lebanon Terrorist, 6 Organisation
  7. Ireland, 6 Terrorist Organisation
  8. Iraq, 5 Terrorist Organisation
  9. Philippines, 5 Terrorist Organisation
  10. Turkey, 4 Terrorist Organisation

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  1. Why don't we nuke terrorist countries like Pakistan and end this all at once. Now it has been proven that Pakistan government helps terrorist camps. They also are making an Islamic bomb against western countries.


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