Casting Werewolf Alcide and Psycho Ex-Girlfriend

Casting Werewolf Alcide and Psycho Ex-Girlfriend We heard about a lot of new characters coming on board the third season of True Blood, but so far only Tony winner Denis O'Hare was cast to play Russell Edgington, the king of Mississippi.

Now Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly reports that have been carried out for melting Werewolf Alcide, which debuted in the third novel in the Sookie Club of dead and a prominent place in the new season of HBO series, and his psycho ex-girlfriend Debbie Pelt.

Although information on Alcide Werewolf has not been presented, the people behind True Blood questions made it known that Debbie Pelt will be interpreted by a knockout in 20 to 30 something and is described as "sporty and rancorous, with black hair.

From the top of my head, I think Shannyn Sossamon, Alyssa Milano, Milla Jovovich Sarah Brown or fillers are plausible for the character of Debbie, as True Blood creator Alan Ball describes as "bad news".

To refresh memories, Sossamon is known for her role as Coraline in Moonlight, Milan appeared as Phoebe Halliwell on Charmed and later as Billie on My Name Is Earlene Brown, who currently plays Claudia Zacchara ABC soap General Hospital and is known popularly Jovovich as Alice in the Resident Evil movies.

Speaking of Sossamon, would not it be great if Alex O'Loughlin was cast as Alcide werewolf? I doubt he will be available, but since he currently leads the CBS medical drama Three Rivers. I think a meeting in a little moonlight are illusions, so it should not even hope that Jason Dohring would benefit either.

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  1. You imagine Jason Dohring on True Blood...yum delicious ! He could make Bill and Eric run for their money..


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