Fiat Punto Evo New looks

Fiat Punto Evo New looks pics

The Fiat Punto and powerful the next style and improve efficiency in the Frankfurt Motor Show. On the outside, the Evo out a little longer than the Grande Punto it replaces, and has different bumpers and lights. Inside, the Evo point now constitute "the most developed expression of Italian style", if we believe that Fiat PR.

Environmental improvements, including new engines and reduce emissions, are easier to quantify. The Evo Point get their engines online Multiair that compared with conventional engines of similar size, which produces up to 10 percent more energy and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 10 percent and consume up to 10 percent less fuel. The particles and NOx emissions are significantly reduced. Because it is standard on all Fiat poweplants gas and diesel Euro5, Start & Stop also be available on the new Evo Point. LPG and methane fuel engines will be offered. The Evo offerings also point to the Blue & Me entertainment system (which is a brand new "Blue & Me TomTom" version), which means "Ecological pilot unit training effectiveness will be included. More details on the two press releases after the jump and new images are available in the gallery below.

Fiat Punto Evo New looks photos


The fiat punto Eva makes its debut at the Frankurt motor show The Evo Fiat Punto, the development of the Grande Punto, will debut at the upcoming Frankfurt motor show. Its aim is to repeat the success of its predecessor and become the new Pacesetter innovation, safety and style, thanks to its many innovative features.The epithet of "Evo", defines a design level of the car that is able to satisfy the most demanding customers in terms of technology, fun to drive and respect for the environment.The Evo Point expresses its technical expertise, primarily through a wide selection of Euro 5 engines, including diesel generation Multijet 1.3 seconds to 1.4 and a gasoline engine with revolutionary multitouch technology developed by Fiat Powertrain Technologies, and finally be incorporated in all engines of the Fiat Group. Innovative and conventional atom joined Fiat also dual-fuel natural gas and gasoline units to create the most comprehensive range and ecological engine in the segment. By reducing consumption and emissions in mind, including the new Evo offers Start & Stop point, the system shuts down and restarts the engine in stop-and-go traffic. Start & Stop being introduced as standard on all Euro 5 gasoline and diesel engines. Another system that makes its first appearance in Point Evo is the "Blue & Me TomTom", the new portable satellite navigation that lets you control the phone, navigation and information functions in a comfortable color touch screen.

Fiat Punto Evo New looks pictures

Fiat Punto Evo New looks pictures


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