Katrina Kaif will be Married?

Katrina Kaif will be Married

Now, this news comes as a bolt from the blue. A marriage certificate apparently claims approved in Indore married Katrina Kaif city BJP MLA Ramesh Mendola, 2 December last year. Surprisingly, even though the certificate is an approval of Indore Municipal Corporation.

The news of his secret marriage 'has stunned actress who expressly denies that anyone ever married. Katrina also added that she has no idea who this MLA Indore.

"I've never been married in my life and I do not know if this guy at all. It is foolish and illegal, what he did and the police have already filed a case against him," Katrina told a tabloid.

She added that she was in the U.S. on 2 December last year to shoot his film in New York. So how could be in Indore, marry a person who does not even know!

Meanwhile, the marriage registrar Dr. Natwar Sarda IMC has made it clear that the marriage certificate is false."The marriage certificate is absolutely wrong, and were not issued by the municipal body. Must be some malicious act," secretary told reporters in Indore.

The secretary added that a person scanned IMC marriage certificate and then photoshopped to show Katrina and said the MLA, as husband and wife.


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