Nicole Kidman in GQ

Nicole Kidman is beautiful as always! She looks young and beautiful. I truly believe that everything is natural and has not undergone any plastic surgery.

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The 42-year-old actress graces the cover of British GQ in a black suit, black thigh-high boots and a glove clean. Looks bright.

The magazine also reveals an interview with the star. She has never told anyone about the problems of being married to Tom Cruise.

This time, it gives us some details. There is much talk about love. She says her love go from "Earth" marriage "sexual fetish strange things."

I explored the obsession. I have explored loss and love in the form of being a pain in the affected, I have investigated sexual fetish bizarre things I've studied the mundane aspects of marriage and monogamy, "he said.

So no, marriage was easy. And today is not a piece of cake. Nicole describes it as "raw" and "dangerous".

Working on it, "she said." It is an unusual place for adventure to be: very raw and very dangerous at sea. You are exposed. You can drown. When you commit to a person who live and die together for this decision. "

Nicole has been married to an Australian musician Keith Urban in 3 years now. But to get the state had to keep his past.

I honor that marriage for what it was, and there's nothing that I would go for it. I've never talked about the complexity of it and never will, "said the actress.

When Nicole decided to marry a second time, they set fire to some of their journals to keep his new star to learn some bad data.

You can not read someone else's diary. You should read it. I burned most of my magazines when I remarried ... you will only find bad things. "


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