The Santa Clause

The santa clause, The santa clause pics, The santa clause parade

It is the most wonderful time of year.It's that time of year when children are on their best behavior to avoid being deleted from the list of good and put the wicked.

It's that time of year when parents use the phrase "That's it! Santa will not come to this house!" To prevail in the offspring rather early.Over the past three years we have had many milestones in our daughter.

Santa Claus parades are most common in US. The largest is Toronto Santa Claus Parade, which was started in 1905 by the Eaton's department store. It now has over 24 floats, 1.700 participants and 24 bands. It is broadcast around the world from Australia to Norway.

The santa clause, The santa clause pics, The santa clause parade

First words, first steps, first solid food, the first teeth are all memorable moments that we cherish forever.The first thing we as parents have waited a while Father Christmas is used as a bargaining tool for good behavior.

This is the first year is old enough - and quite wrong, for that matter - so we can have the pleasure to spend St. Jolly Ol 'Nick as a pawn in the game of parenting.For example, after the fifth time to ask my precious child pick up his toys and put them in his toy box, sack Santa, so to speak.

"Little Miss, if you do not get here now and clean, I tell Santa."Almost immediately, I hear the patter of little feet in Pitter while running down the hall yelling, "NOOOO!" Within minutes, the toy clean.The threat of absence, stuffed stockings hung with care and not wait to unwrap under the tree has been working on our behalf - for the most part.

The idea of a Christmas married less has launched a throw, pull sharply in the shopping center for absolutely no good reason to be a good Miss behavior. All you need is a whisper in his ear telling Santa that my number saved on my phone and "Do not make me call him, miss."

As always, we try to keep things light at home, and we have been very creative in our St. Nick tricks, especially since we're somewhat technologically savvy."Little Miss, if not pick up your toys and keep them, I'll take a picture of them scattered all over and place on Facebook. By the way, Santa is one of my friends."

In 1994 The Santa Clause film released by both Walt Disney Pictures and Hollywood Pictures.Eight years after getting a crash course in the fine art of personifying Christmas, Tim Allen returns as Kris Kringle's replacement in this sequel to the 1994 hit The Santa Clause.


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