Sony Ericsson Jalou Mobile

Sony Ericsson Jalou

The clamshell fashion phone lives on. Though the Motorola Razr has seen its sun set, and the Lindsay Lohans of the world have all switched to the iPhone, Sony Ericsson has just the fix for Razr mourners looking for a waif little phone with a bit more style.

The company’s upcoming Jalou handset will actually don Dolce & Gabbana badges as an indicator of its fashionable aspirations, which permeate every aspect of its design. The outside takes on the shape of a gem, from the rigid 45-degree angles in the face to the color choices (Deep Amethyst, Aquamarine Blue and Onyx Black) and gold accents around the edges.

Inside, the diamond-cut design continues to the number pad, which consists of squared-off gold buttons below a sharply segmented hexagonal control pad. In a not-so-subtle nod to vanity, the 2-inch screen above even turns into a mirror when turned off.

Sony Ericsson Jalou pics

Though it’s no smartphone, Sony Ericsson has managed to pack some interesting tech into the Jalou, including a pedometer to track just how owners walk (or manage to hobble in heels) every day. It also includes a 3.2-megapixel camera, stereo FM radio, 3G Web connectivity, and all the usuals like Bluetooth 2.0 and messaging capabilities.

The Jalou will go on sale in the fourth quarter, but pricing has not yet been announced. More information is available at Sony Ericsson.

Sony Ericsson Jalou Features :

  • 3.2 megapixel camera – snap favourite outfits and send to friends
  • Video recording – film and post clips online anytime
  • Stereo FM radio – catch up on the latest songs while on the move
  • Music player – with Bluetooth™ stereo, PlayNow™ and TrackID™
  • Bluetooth™ 2.0 – upload images and videos to social networking sites
  • Mirror key – check hair before a hot date
  • Walk Mate step counter – keep fit while on the move
  • Internet – Google™ search, Google Maps™, email, instant messaging, picture messaging
  • Entertainment – YouTube™ application
  • 3D games, video iewing


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