World Disabled Day

world disabled day

World disabled day of Thousands celebrate. Meeting at India Gate lawns in the heart of the capital, people with different capacities across the country, shoulder to shoulder, raising slogans of unity. Later, they sat down to watch the cultural show of young visually impaired children. world disabled day 3 December, 2009 at New Delhi.

"In this day of the last three years we have all gathered here. There are times when it feels like a ritual. Organize the event, because on this day (World Disability Day), we can draw attention to our situation," says Javed Abidi, coordinator of the Rights of Disabled Persons (DRG).

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Mr Abidi said that the estimated 70 million disabled people in the country was to encourage a separate ministry for disability issues and the fulfillment of the promises of the five 11-year plan - that each ministry should have a plan clear action on disability issues and allocate three percent of the funds to improve infrastructure.

It expresses the feelings of hundreds of people with physical disabilities deaf and dumb, blind, autistic and others in wheelchairs Abidi said: "The government, politicians, media, civil society suddenly gets a start on 3 December and awakening to the reality we live every day. Kiran, a visually challenged girl, said: "Although we do not want to remain a burden on society. Where are the opportunities that the government promises?"

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Mr Abidi said: "Nearly 63 years after independence, only 10 percent of India's citizens with disabilities have access to something like a handicap certificate is essential to ensure their profits. This process should be faster and easier that the five long months of paperwork, often tedious now.” How much does it cost to ensure that all universities to appoint a coordinator of disability ... Union budgets are not allocated any money for our shelters, libraries and laboratories, barrier-free? The authorities really need to be more sensitive, "he added.

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Ramp buses and school booths, larger bathrooms in government and business can do much to alleviate the problems of people with disabilities, "said Sanjay, a coordinator of an NGO.The massive gathering of people came from states like Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Bihar, Gujarat, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi.


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