Midnight Sun Release Date

Midnight Sun Release DateMidnight Sun

Author : Stephenie Meyer
Country : United States
Language : English
Series : Twilight series
Genre : Young adult, Fantasy, Romance novel
Publisher : Little, Brown and Company

No, there is no date set yet.
Stephenie is just working on Midnight Sun, as a side project.
Nor is written in stone, is published or not, but probably will.
If you quit, you probably will be released 2009-2010

Pre-release history

August 28, 2008, Meyer stopped writing Midnight Sun in response to the illegal release of twelve chapters of the unfinished manuscript on the Internet. She said, "If I tried to write Midnight Sun now, in my present mood James would probably win and all the Cullens would die, that do not fit too well with the original story. In any case, I regret what has happened to continue working on Midnight Sun, and is on hold indefinitely. "She made twelve draft chapter available on its website, as its readers, now that the novel has been committed before expected publication date. Meyer also says he does not think the script was leaked to no ill intent, and would not give any names.

In an interview in 2008 November, Meyer said that "it is really complicated, because everybody is now in the driver's seat, where they can make judgments of calls. I do not feel alone with the manuscript. And I can not write when I feel alone. "She said her goal was to go for about two years without hearing about Midnight Sun, and thought it was going to start working on the novel again when she was sure that" everyone has forgotten."


  1. i feel ms meyers knew what she was doing! I mean giving 12 chapters out come. can we say duh i am now very sorry that i even started reading the twilight books.i feel she is being like a spolied little brat!i really can't be on the computer i have seziuers so as far as reading whats on line. i can not!oops i mean the ones she let someone put on the internet.thats ok i am reading christoper paolini, and soon christine feehan and sphen king there are so many other people who write and besides i have three or more rooms full of books plus a shed. there are many more people who write vamprie romance novels. with that said let her take her ball and go home because she knew what she doing!

  2. and the reason you have so many books is because you have no social life and must fill the void with the characters from every book how sad. I think that She did the write thing she wanted to make sure it was perfect before releasing it, which is wise who would want to ready a book that not fully done and has some parts that need to be fixed or that are missing

  3. I think everyone needs to calm down and learn how to type. If its meant to be published it will be.

  4. I think the first 12 chapters of Midnight Sun are even better than the twiglight book and Stephanie should definetley finished what she started, it would spoil all the books if she didnt! It is spectacular love story and hearing it from Edwards eyes makes it even more special and to my surprise very diffrent, please finish it Stephanie! I personally cant wait!

  5. i would really love it if midnight sun would be published....it truely is a beautiful story....this whole series of twilight reminds me of how my relationship with my boyfriend. hes in the military so i hardly ever get to see him and the edward leaving scene in new moon kills me every time. i truely hope it does get published..... = ] truely great book.

  6. To the first post at the top:
    I cant believe what a mean and nasty person you are. How would you like it if someone betrayed you and ruined something so important to you. I love these books and totally understand why she stopped. I just hope that she finishes it. I will not read it till it comes out because i feel it is an invasion of her privacy. Shame on you for being such a witch....capital B


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