South Korea Launches First Rocket Into Space

The first rocket blasted South Korea's orbit Tuesday after an abortive attempt last week, and a few months after its rival, North Korea sparked international outrage for his own boat. The launch of two-stage rocket Naro could increase the country's space ambitions, but the North warned to keep a watchful eye on the international response to Seoul was launched.

South Korea launches first rocket into space

South Korea initially planned to launch rockets at the end of July, but postponed several times due to technical errors. On Wednesday, the country implemented a plan, just a few minutes before the scheduled blast off.But on Tuesday went according to plan.

The rocket blasted off the country's National Space Center Oenaro island, about 290 miles (465 km) south of Seoul, around 5 (0800 GMT, 4 EDT).It is the first South Korean launch of a rocket from its own territory. Since 1992, launched 11 satellites, all foreign-made missiles sent from abroad.The rocket, built with Russian help, is charged with building a satellite to observe the national atmosphere and ocean.

South Korean officials hope that the rocket will increase its commitment to becoming a space power regionally, along with China, Japan and India.North Korea has warned that "watching carefully" as the U.S. and other countries around us reacts to the south launch. For more information clik here.


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