Steampunk phone - Now that's more like it!

Steampunk phone Steampunk phone is a conceptual prototype Londoner Arthur Schmitt, and tickling him everywhere from a design standpoint. It was a heavy wire cover over the earpiece, gauges, visible screws, a rugged brown scheme, a series of rotation of the table Oh-how we move forward. Best of all, use punch cards and binary phone numbers to manage your account and make calls, look for someone in the line are delightfully irresistible. Imagine - I'd love to have a Rolodex full of contacts wedge punch cards.

Pack this phone with a bowler and a tub of mustache wax and I will be everywhere. Check the gallery below for more steampunk phone Schmitt.we can officially give up on steampunk now, don't you? A 2G iPhone is given an excremental veneer of lacquered brown nail polish, some bad deviant art is ripped to the home screen and all of a sudden a NYC "boutique" wants a minimum of $500 for their "steampunk iPhone."You are just witnessing one of the craziest marvels from the Steampunk world. It’s a Steampunk cellphone mod build around a classic Nokia cellphone. What can we say, we are speechless! If we hands could speak what’s in our heart.


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