Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery before & After

Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery before & After photo here

Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery before and After

Jennifer Aniston and her BFF, Courteney Cox has had plastic surgery and both love it. Under the new In Touch, Jen had her nose (as we all know), and is fully open to get a facelift, Botox injections, or anything else you need, when you age.

I think Jen is the perfect example of a nose job really well. It looks exactly as before, and you almost have to look twice at the nose and ask, "Did he?” This is the nose, just a little bit better. I think she had a deviated septum, and why the hell not get them to look better if they are there, anyway chisel.

Courteney Cox was inspired by his friend and fellow real life best friend Jennifer Aniston. She Botox is injected with some form of dermal fillers as well. His face looks different from before, and her lips look fuller. She just looks much better than before; the effect is subtle and very natural. There are some rumors about her breast augmentation as well.

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