Megan Fox in a Rolling Stone

Megan Fox in a Rolling Stone

Megan Fox strikes a sexy pose in an American Apparel bodysuit on the October 2009 cover Rolling Stone. Here is what the 23-year-old actress opened up about: On her girl-on-girl make-out scene with Amanda Seyfried: “Clearly I can’t argue that it’s not gratuitous, because it is.”

On her struggle to reconcile her public persona with her true self: “I don’t really want to share myself with the public. I want to deflect attention from my reality.” On suffering from extreme self-loathing: “I’m really insecure about everything. I never think I am worthy of anything. I have a sick feeling about being mocked all the time. Self-loathing does not keep me from being happy. But that does not mean I do not struggle. I am very vulnerable.” On not sleeping around: “I can never have sex with someone I don’t love, ever, ever, ever. That idea makes me sick. I have never even come close to having a one-night stand. … I’m not sexually promiscuous.”

Megan Fox in a Rolling Stone pic

Megan Fox in a Rolling Stone sep pic

Megan Fox in a Rolling Stone sep picture

Megan Fox in a Rolling Stone sep photo


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