Matt Prokop in the Hospital

Matt Prokop

The Rocket has landed in the ICU. The 19-year-old actor Matt Prokop, best known for her role in High School Musical 3: Senior Year, has been in hospital for several days because of a concussion.

Dreaming Disney has reported that the star has been to publish updates to Twitter from her bed while resting. Det har vist sig meget på grund af hans tilstand, men synes at være fint for nu.

After a few days in ICU and stuck with cables and such, Prokop, finally published in your Twitter account. Several of his supporters have been waiting for his healing, and it seems as if their prayers were answered. "Back to the tweets, wrote." Heads feel better. Thanks for all the prayers and wishes. "

Matt Prokop in the Hospital

But he was stuck in hospital for a while and had very little to do. Day 2 at the neuromuscular unit miss my bed: "he said, adding later," Loney Anothey days in a hospital bed .... maybe let me out today. "

Things are not going so well for Matt Prokop one night when he got a fit of convulsions at a time. "I have to stay another night. Apparently seizures had the other night Whoa! Soooo grateful I am better," he said. "Consultation" code blue "from the speakers is a generic version of freak me out ....."

Just a few minutes, she tweeted about how desperate he was to leave and how much they enjoy the atmosphere. "I want one to cuddle with hate hospitals," he wrote.

The result and rationale for concussion have not been revealed yet, but surely it makes the star of High School Musical 3 if more updates. So far, he says he feels much better than his first day in nursing.


  1. matt is in my thoughts prayers
    Iam thinking of him I pray he gets well soon


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