Bowers & Wilkins intros MM 1 Desktop Speaker Review

Bowers & Wilkins intros MM 1 Desktop Speaker

Bowers & Wilkins speaker company has announced its latest range of computer speakers, MM-1. Each speaker contains a 3-woofer and a 1-inch tweeters, with each driver with a dedicated 18W amplifier. The tweeters feature B & W Nautilus tube-loaded design is intended to dampen vibration and enhance high frequency sounds.

The speakers also incorporate Digital Signal Processing (DSP) components to automatically adjust the sound balance, depending on the signal. When connected to a computer via USB speakers can handle digital to analog conversion for better sound. Users can submit their headphones for MM-1, which integrates a headphone amplifier designed to provide a dramatic improvement in the standard PC or Mac to leave.

The company shows a frequency response of-6dB at 57Hz and 22kHz. While many tower speakers are optimized for listening at a distance, the MM-1 is designed for near field listening, only a few meters away. An aux-in jack can also be used to connect iPods or CD players and DVD.

The tweeters features the company’s signature Nautilus tube-loaded design that is claimed to produce improved high-frequency sounds.The Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 will be released in February 2010. No word on pricing yet.

MM-1 is expected in February, although prices have not yet been announced.


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