Comedian & Magician Carl Ballantine Dead

Comedian & Magician Carl Ballantine Dead

Comedy-magician and actor Carl Ballantine, who died Tuesday at his home in Hollywood Hills for 92 years, had not been ill, but he had felt the effects of aging in the past six months, said his daughter, Saratoga Ballantine.He had stayed at his father from time to time if I needed help at night and she was there when he died.

"He had a fantastic start," he said. "He got up at 3 in the morning. I heard him stirring and I came and said, 'Hey Dad, what happens?" He said, 'I have to go home. "I said, 'Dad, you're at home. "He said, 'Can I take the mantle?" I said: "Obviously it is your garment. And then he said:" Where are my shoes? I need my shoes. "I said, 'Dad, you do not your shoes. "He said, 'Yes, I know I have to get out of here".

He took off his shoes and said: "I love you, Dad," and then went back to sleep.When he woke up at 6, she discovered that her father had moved to another part of the room where he had slept and where he died.

"He leaned, with a big smile on his face with his shoes and jacket," she said. "He went home."

Ballantine said that in the first hours after his father died, she has spoken with many people who have told similar stories about how members of his family had left wants snowshoe, or they need your shield or [ask] "Why are so strong that light? or want to see my mother. "They are always out of the next adventure very verbal."

"To tell you the truth," he added. "I think my dad had a wonderful life. I had such wonderful friends and a wonderful time. ... He did not like getting old. He used to say:" I would be 45th I would say, "Me too."


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