Intel's Core i9

Intel's Core i9, Intel's Core i9 pics

I9-Core Intel processors are not, will not reach the market for the second month, but it has not facilitated the Polish website PCLab new 32nm processors through its paces recently in a series of benchmark tests.

While pre-release testing to 2.8 GHz chips Gulftown, PCLab found a speed increase with certain programs. According to their report, some labor-intensive resources such as video editing or 3D modeling, make up to 50% faster than existing Intel Core i7 chips.

Unfortunately, the chips do not shine in all areas, its performance is equivalent to that of the older Core i7 chips handling less demanding general activities.

However, went the CPU Core I9 good when it comes to energy, use less power and cooler operation compared to older chips.The I9 not benefit greatly from the number of cores pumping (providing processing thread count to 12) in a lot of daily tasks, so you should not expect to see an increase in game performance, speed startup of Windows or other single-core optimized task. It was when they started doing video or 3D modeling tasks that are suitable for parallelization, the I9 bends his muscles.

Intel is no reason to launch Core I9 until early 2010, possibly in January, and was originally restricted to high-end systems as there should be a high price and consumes about 130W of power compared to 95 W for most I5 Core i7 and chips.


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