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Director: Christopher Smith
Writer: Christopher Smith,
Producer: Julie Baines, Chris Brown, Jason Newmark,
Cast: Melissa George, Liam Hemsworth, Rachael Carpani, Emma Lung, Michael Dorman, Henry Nixon
Release Date : 16 Oct 2009

On stage with writer-director Christopher Smith (Creep, separation) in the Film4 Frightfest 2009 to present the premiere of a triangle, seemed actress Melissa George almost criminal to commit the faux-pas to reveal a big spoiler. Actually clang this apparently, but certainly not a distraction, who did not and could in no way will the experience of seeing Triangle - because when a film is so unbelievably complicated.

When Jess (George) are invited to join Greg (Michael Dorman) and some friends for a day trip on a yacht (triangle), it seems a good opportunity to escape, albeit briefly, the constant stress of being a single mother with a young autistic boy (Joshua McIvor). The ship, however, capsized in a storm of flash and enjoy asylum seekers fighting aboard a giant ocean ship (Aeolus), which has come from the mist. Even if one party has a glimpse of someone in the upper deck, the vast ship luxuriously decorated else seems to be deserted. Then a masked figure begins to take passengers lost one by one, as an anguished, desperate Jess begins (or at least below) to chase its own tail, routed, and to find a destination that apparently can not be avoided.

The basic power of the triangle is the disorientation, and makes us feel lost, confused and desperate as Jess itself in its vain struggle against the darker aspects of their nature. Under terms of the movie is based on ownership, succeed Smith disorientation through twisted geometry of a story that surely loop back on itself, is less a circle than a Moebius strip, full of riddles and paradox. And - again in accordance with its title - The film introduces viewers three aspects, one psychological, supernatural and mythical, and leaves it completely unclear on which side of the story best.

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