Google Upgrades Search Engine

Google Upgrades Search Engine

Google Enterprise Search tender years has risen steadily in both strength and innovation in recent years. As reported in June, Google now has 25,000 customers in Enterprise Search, which last year aos 20,000 customers. More than half of customers who use the Google Search Appliance years, and the rest using its host site search and other company products.

Recently, Google has improved the scalability of its Enterprise Search Appliance (also known as GSA), so that companies could seek billions of documents. Today, Google has added two new tools for Enterprise Search from Google: Side-by-side search and comparison of new connectors on the GSA, both available on Google Enterprise Labs year, which corresponds to Gmail Labs.

Side-by-Side Search allows employees to test and rate results from two different search strings (Policy A policy against B) on the same data to see how effective they are.

Employees can vote for their favorite performance, either by clicking on the policy A or B button and the administrator can use this information to select and configure the right search solution for business. It seems that this feature would be useful for administrators who are constantly trying to make the internal search capabilities more effectively.

Google also offers a new tool that allows companies to connect to different types of data, both online and offline, that the search function. GSA connector has been updated to search through content management systems for enterprises (eg SharePoint, FileNet, etc.).

Google now also has a special connector for Salesforce data, so that the GSA may include internal data from Salesforce in the search results.

"For this product, we decided to make facial recognition," said Gundotra. "We still want to work with questions about users opt-in and check. We have the technology to make the underlying facial, but decided to postpone safeguards are in place.

Sought in the future would feature the company's "near me" technology, which will prioritize the items based on location, he said.

Gundotra also showed the possibility of the search engine to translate a phrase that speaks English to Spanish using a mobile phone. The role of the translator will be available next year, and Google is rapidly expanding the number of languages that can be used, Gundotra said.

"Our goal at Google is nothing less than to be able to support all major languages in the world," he said.

The search technology in real time, is a product on Monday announced partnerships with Facebook and MySpace. Google already had an agreement with the microblogging site Twitter, and said the new search will be rolled out worldwide in the coming days.


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