Wakey Wakey Brooklyn Lyrics

Wakey Wakey Brooklyn Lyrics

Wakey!Wakey! is for the most part Michael Grubbs, as he plays piano and sings the vocals. Although the band is not a solo project and incorporates many more musicians to round out the sound, including strings, drums and horns. They hail from New York and release their music through Family Records. Michael Grubbs also plays “Grubbs” on the CW’s One Tree Hill, a role that debuts November 9th.

Wakey Wakey Brooklyn Lyrics :

I Hope I See You Soon
Cause You’re Fond Of Me And I Am Fond Of You
These Days I Guess That’s All It Takes
That And Just A Few Mistakes
And I Have Made Mistakes
Yes I Have Made Mistakes Today…
So Tonight I’ll Be Your Brooklyn
So Cool And Yet So Far Away
Just Tell Me What You Want For Me To Say
And If It Brings You Home…
I Guess It’s Safe To Say
We Both Could Use This Fire Escape
Cause I’ve Been Breathin’ Ashes In
And I’ve Been Waiting For Somethin’ To Carry You Away
Cause I Have Made Mistakes Today…
So I Hope You Travel Safe
I Hope You’re Cool; I Hope You Find Your Way
It’s Sad; But It Is Safe To Say
We Disagree On One To Many Things
And I Have Made Mistakes Today…


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