New Details Emerge about Ordeal of Kidnapped Girl

New Details Emerge about Ordeal of Kidnapped Girl News miraculous than a child kidnapped nearly two decades ago was found alive on Thursday gave lurid details of how the police saying that she has survived all these years in captivity of a convicted rapist in his backyard and forced to endure two of her children.

The new information was that the authorities have more information about the saga Jaycee Lee Dugard, who disappeared when she was 11 and was presented at a police station in northern California this week.

Jaycee Lee Dugard, who was 11 in 1991 when he was abducted from her school bus stop, was locked out in the world after a series of fences, sheds and shops at the back of a suburban house.

Her abductor, investigators said, raped her and fathered two children with her first when Jaycee was around 14th The children, girls are now 11 and 15, were also hidden in the backyard resort."None of the children have never been to school, have never been to a doctor," El Dorado County Sheriff Fred Kollar said. "They were kept in total isolation in this context."

"The way the house is configured in this manner, the backyard is configured, you can go through the yard, walk around and you never know," said Kollar. But residents said there was evidence to go before a parole officer said Wednesday Dugard, now 29, who accompanied Garrido, his wife and children to a probation office.

Almost Diane Doty said she could see tents and often heard the children playing in the garden, which adjoins the corner his own backyard. She said she suspected the children were living in tents, but her husband said she had to leave the family alone.

Witnesses reported that a vehicle with two people drove up and abducted Dugard, while her stepfather as 10 June 1991.

Convicted sex offender sex offender n. a generic term for all persons convicted of sex-related crimes, including rape, assault, sexual harassment and pornography production or distribution. Felipe Garrido, 58, was held for investigation of several kidnappings and sex charges. His wife, Nancy Garrido, 54, was also arrested, and authorities said he was with Garrido during the hijacking in South Lake Tahoe.


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