Plus-Size Model Crystal Renn Fits in her Own Skin

Plus-size model Crystal Renn fits in her own skin Crystal Renn was miserable as a super-thin model who had palpitations when she worried that he might have calorie Coca-Cola Light.

She told her story before, but always in a quick hit to keep a magazine novelty of an hourglass shape on their pages. The book is his attempt to move the needle on the way everyone - from wide-eyed young women to fashion savvy Jaded - perceiving beauty.

"I would like to see anyone take the position that there are women in all shapes and sizes as" the ideal of beauty, and it is not one kind or another. Some women are naturally a size 2 - can not forget them, and it is reverse discrimination, "said Renn." All the women bring something different to the table and we have to evaluate them all."

In recent times, say 2008, Renn writes in his book that he began to see a greater variety of models on the runways of designers, and we are not talking only one size 2s and 4s. There were girls with hair, skin color and body types, he noted.

Fashion alone is not guilty of the idea of carbon copy, beauty, nor is it responsible for all the girls out there with eating disorders, Renn said. But he added that fashion is helping to create the lens through which others, like the chubby cheerleader, who was in Clinton, Miss., saw themselves.

Renn favorite photo of himself was shot in 2004 by Steven Meisel for Vogue. He stressed his mane of black hair and a real sharing.

Some in the way modeling and magazine industry has been receptive to the idea, he said, noting that she continues to work with her fuller figure in Vogue, Glamor, the court in Jean Paul Gaultier and Dolce & Gabbana ads.

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  1. Look at those amazing curves, absolutely beautiful!!!!!!


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