Nokia n900 Price

Nokia launched its latest smartphone from Nokia n900 Internet Tablet. Maemo operating system used to provide excellent multi-tasking functionality. Maemo, with hardware-strong competition gives Apple Iphone good. Nokia will launch in October 2009 in the selected market.

Nokia n900 price


India : 35,000 Rs
USA : 750 $
UK : 500 €

It runs on the new Linux-based Maemo 5 OS, the power of Nokia N900 is capable of performing multiple tasks, which would make it stand out even among the ranks of the Symbian smartphones. According to the representatives of Nokia, however, the new Maemo device is not intended to compete with Nokia's Symbian smartphones, but to satisfy various needs.

Nokia n900 price


  1. 2000 in malaysia?? if do, i willing to take the order now...

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