Control your calorie

Control your calorie

Keep food off the table. If you were part of servings on plates in the kitchen or the kitchen counter, and no food out on plates, you are less tempted to take more when the dish is empty.

Do not eat packages. It is very easy to lose track of how much food they have eaten if gnaw directly from the Treasury. Instead, spread crackers, cookies and other snacks on a plate to have a clear idea of what it consumes.

Narrow your dishes. Smaller plates and bowls that the parties appear larger.

Take it easy. It takes about 20 minutes to the appetite of the brain, the control center registration no food in the stomach. To wait it out, put your fork down between each bite and take small sips of her drink.

Work for food. To eat foods that require some effort, peeling an orange, cracking crabs or cut open a baked potato, for example, brake down even more, feeding a chance to feel full.

Socializing outside the kitchen. People seem to gather in the kitchen, but it will be less tempted to Nosh if it moves the action to the living room.


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