People of Walmart Site Mocks Worst-Dressed Customers

People of Walmart Site Mocks Worst-Dressed CustomersWhy do not people wear shirts when they shop at Wal-Mart? Or pants that fit? Has been that the woman had a backpack of 15 years and recently included in his belt, and handbag trend? It is such a jacket?

People from Walmart, a website was launched earlier this month that the catalogs of clothing so gloriously absurd to base the big-box retail customers. There are pictures of obese people in suits, a child with a rattail and a guy in a costume of Captain America. But the founders of the website, three men in his 20s who declined to give their first names alone are not interested in stereotypical rednecks or run-of-the-mill plain observations. "Mullets are all too common," says Andrew, who is 23 and lives in Indiana. "We want to show the kinds of things to see, just have to call someone and say, 'Man, I'm in Wal-Mart, and I've just seen a goat."

People blog for Wal-Mart was founded last month by Andrew his brother Adam and his friend Luke after a trip to the branch in South Carolina earlier this month. That's where he saw a stripper with a 2 year old in one dog harnesses, yFolk blog for Wal-Mart grundlagt i sidste måned blev af Andrew Adam og hans hans bror see Luke efter en tur til i filialen South Carolina tidligere i denne måned. Det er, hvor have a stripper så med en 2-årig i en af de hunde seler om og rundt med fyr Hjørnet in skæg af ZZ Top around the corner a guy with a beard of ZZ Top.

Inspired by the experience, the three friends - who shop at Wal-Mart regularly, sometimes, while ugly clothes - went home and created the website. Asked their friends to send pictures and naively believing that anyone outside their social circle has ever seen. "Frankly," says Andrew, "we do not believe he had not even updated very often."

The people of the founders of Walmart is expected that some people disagree with the tone of the place. "I'm not going to sit here and say that the place is not pretentious or that it's fun not to put people - because it" recognizes Adam, who says he "loves" Wal-Mart. "But we have limits. Do not make fun of people who can not help it." Do not show pictures of people with disabilities or Wal-Mart, they are doing their job. "I can not tell you how many people send pictures of obese people in motorized scooters," he says. "But it will not publish, because some of these people need scooters for a reason." It is also refusing to publish photos of the Amish.


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