White House Obama May Detail Health Plans Soon

Obama may detail health plans soon:White house

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama, more and more impatient with the Senate debates on health care, is mulling a plan to give more details of its aims to review the health system in the nation, the White House.

The president is considering a speech next week that would be "more prescriptive" about how you feel Congress should include in a bill, senior adviser David Axelrod, said in an interview. The speech can be done within the deadline of 15 September, which was given to Senate negotiators to seek a nonpartisan bill, says Axelrod, who suggested that two key Republicans have not negotiated in good faith.

Congress reconvenes Tuesday after an August recess, where critics of Barack Obama's health proposal dominated many public forums.

Some allies of Obama, see his approval ratings falling in the polls, with support from the health reform has invited the President to take a more practical approach. They feel they gave too much leeway to Congress where a bill has passed three House committees, the other has passed a Senate committee, and a third has been bogged down in protracted negotiations on the Senate Finance Committee.

Axelrod said Obama offers no new proposals but would be more specific about their top priorities. "The ideas are all there on the table," says Axelrod. "We are in a new phase and it is time to pull the strings of them together." He said there was serious discussion in the Obama White House "with a speech that specifically states what he believes" the essential elements of a bill of health.

Axelrod said it was likely that speech further before a scheduled address 15th September Obama on health care in Pittsburgh.

Axelrod, condemned the recent comments from two leading Republican Senate negotiators - Charles Grassley of Iowa and Mike Enzi of Wyoming - which has sharply criticized key elements of Democrats, including plans for health care and insisted that a nonpartisan plan could be viable. His comments, Axelrod said, "was not fully compatible with negotiations in good faith."


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