10 Best Jobs in America of 2009

10 Best Jobs in America of 2009

In the midst of the worst job market in three decades, you might think the only thing people care about when it comes to their career is having a job and keeping it. But when Money and PayScale.com, a leading online provider of employee-compensation data, surveyed 35,000 people online about what makes a great job, they rated intellectual challenge, a passion for the work, and flexibility just as highly as security.

1. Systems Engineer

Median salary (experienced): $87,100
Top pay: $130,000
Job growth (10-year forecast): 45%
Sector: Information Technology

Systems engineering is known as Systems design engineering. This job is an interdisciplinary field of engineering that focuses on how complex engineering projects should be designed and managed. It seems a little hard, but if you have interested in information technology, this is one of the perfect job for your career.

2. Physician Assistant

Median salary (experienced): $90,900
Top pay: $124,000
Job growth (10-year forecast): 27%
Sector: Healthcare

A physician assistant is a healthcare professional licensed to practice medicine with supervision of a licensed physician.

3. College Professor

Median salary (experienced): $70,400
Top pay: $115,000
Job growth (10-year forecast): 23%
Sector: Education

Teach and grade papers, of course. But profs also spend about half their time doing research and writing articles and books about their field.Low starting pay and a big 50% salary gap between faculty at universities and community colleges.

4. Nurse Practitioner

Median salary (experienced): $85,200
Top pay: $113,000
Job growth (10-year forecast): 23%
Sector: Healthcare

Nursing is a registered nurse who has completed advanced nursing education and special training in diagnosing and treating common and some complex medical conditions. Provides a wide range of health benefits.

5. Information Technology Project Manager

Median salary (experienced): $98,700
Top pay: $140,000
Job growth (10-year forecast): 16%
Sector: Information Technology

Information Technology Project Managers maintain large technology projects such as software updates are running on time and on budget. Hours (and hours and hours) of meetings. Aggressive project timelines. Staff jobs can be outsourced to consultants.

6. Certified Public Accountant

Median salary (experienced): $74,200
Top pay: $138,000
Job growth (10-year forecast): 18%
Sector: Financial

CPA is the legal title of qualified accountants in the U.S.. Crunch the numbers, either for financial analysis and tax preparation. The deadlines are not negotiable, if you are in tax preparation, kiss goodbye to your personal life between mid-February and 15 april.

7. Physical Therapist

Median salary (experienced): $74,300
Top pay: $98,100
Job growth (10-year forecast): 27%
Sector: Healthcare

To regain strength, flexibility and range of movement for people who have been sidelined with injuries, illness or disease impact of health reform in the profession is a wildcard. Can be physically demanding.

8. Computer/Network Security Consultant

Median salary (experienced): $99,700
Top pay: $152,000
Job growth (10-year forecast): 27%
Sector: Information Technology

All are in trouble with viruses or other malware. Computer / Network Security consultants work to secure systems and networks from hackers, spyware and viruses.If a system is infiltrated by a virus or a hacker, this could mean lights out for the race on Security. "It is work that can not afford to fail at any moment," says Evans.

9. Intelligence Analyst

Median salary (experienced): $82,500
Top pay: $115,000
Job growth (10-year forecast): 15%
Sector: Government

They gather and analyze data related to international policy and military strategy, most often for the government or defense contractors.High stress; you often can't talk about your job outside of work.

10. Sales Director

Median salary (experienced): $140,000
Top pay: $239,000
Job growth (10-year forecast): 10%
Sector: Sales and Marketing

If you think that you can set and meet sales goals, generate new accounts, and mentor and train new recruits, this job is perfect for you.10 years of sales experience and a year or two in management. A proven track record beats an advanced degree.

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  1. Those salary estimates are way too high. There is no way a median PA or a Physical Therapist is going to be payed 80-90K. That is unrealistic and misleading. Of course it depends where you are, but I livein CA, where higher salaries are the norm due to high costs of living, and you aren't going to find median salaries anywhere near these.


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