Barack Obama Human Rights Campaign (HRC)

Barack Obama Human Rights Campaign (HRC), Barack Obama HRC, Barack Obama, ObamaThis past Saturday evening, Barack Obama became the first U.S. president to make an appearance on the Human Rights Campaign, the largest pro-homosexual "marriage" organization in the country.

President Obama delivered an impassioned speech in which he criticized the concept of traditional family and announced that his government will work to lift the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA.)

Intervention in black tie event, President Obama assess the progress made by the homosexual agenda, saying that "despite the real progress we have made, laws are constantly changing, and there are still open hearts."

"There are still citizens, maybe the neighbors, even their loved ones, the good and decent people who cling to outdated arguments and attitudes to age are not seeing their families as their families, who can deny that the rights most Americans take for granted. And it is painful and heartbreaking, "he wailed.

The president said that gay couples "have shown the world that different types of families may show the same compassion in a time of need" and praised the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) to "help elect candidates who share their values facing them, enshrining discrimination in our Constitution, which advocates for people living with HIV / AIDS and the struggle for progress in our capital city and throughout America. "

"This struggle," the president said, "is now. And I'm here with a simple message: I am here with you in this fight."

"We have made progress, and will do more. And I think it is important to remember that no single issue that my administration deals with every day that do not enter the life of the LGBT community," the U.S. leader added.


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