Desperate Housewives Season 6 Episode 4 S06E04 "The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me"

Desperate Housewives S06E04 The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me photos

The Forgotten : The tv series presents its latest Desperate Housewives Season 6 Episode 4 S06E04 "The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me" release on October 18, 2009.

Title : "The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me"
Directore : David Warren
Writer : Marc Cherry
Air date : Tuesday Oct. 18, 2009
Gender : Comedy Drama
More Infromation : IMDB, TV.COM

Desperate Housewives S06E04 "The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me" Staring Cast :

Teri Hatcher as Susan Mayer
Felicity Huffman as Lynette Scavo
Marcia Cross as Bree Hodge
Eva Longoria Parker as Gabrielle Solis
Ricardo Chavira as Carlos Solis (as Ricardo Antonio Chavira)
Doug Savant as Tom Scavo
Kyle MacLachlan as Orson Hodge
Dana Delany as Katherine Mayfair
Brenda Strong as Mary Alice Young (voice)
Vanessa Britting as Molly
Cynthia Harmon as Neighbor
Jesse Metcalfe as John Rowland
Noah Schuffman as Brian
Robert Sudduth as Eric

Desperate Housewives Season 6 Episode 4 "The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me" Synopsis :

As Katherine unravels, revealing how much of a toll losing Mike has taken on her, Bree comes to her aid. Gabrielle grows weary of John's intentions towards her niece, and, with twins on the way, Lynette calls upon her family to step up around the house. In the meantime, Susan learns Julie has been harboring some secrets, and Angie throws a party for her son.

Desperate Housewives S06E04 "The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me" Promo (YouTube)


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