Diwali 2009:Satrday,October 17

Histoy of Diwali:

Diwali 2009

History India is a land of festivals. Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is celebrated with fervor and gaiety. The festival is celebrated by young and old, rich and poor, throughout the country to dispel darkness and light up their lives. The festival symbolizes unity in diversity as every state celebrates it in its own special way.

The celebration of the four-day festival commences on Aswayuja Bahula Chaturdasi and concludes on Kartika Shudda Vijiya. The first day of the festival Naraka Chaturdasi marks the vanquishing of the demon Naraka by Lord Krishna and his wife Satyabhama. 'Puranas' have it that Naraka, son of Bhudevi, acquired immense power from a blessing given by Lord Brahma after a severe penance.

He soon unleashed a reign of terror in the kingdom of Kamarupa, harassing celestial beings with his invincible might. Unable to bear the tyranny of the demon, the celestial beings pleaded with Lord Krishna to save them from his torture. But Naraka could not be easily killed as he had a boon that he would face death only at the hands of his mother Bhudevi. So, Krishna asks his wife Satyabhama, the reincarnation of Bhudevi, to be his charioteer in the battle with Naraka. When Krishna feigns unconsciousness after being hit by an arrow of Naraka, Satyabhama takes the bow and aims the arrow at Naraka, killing him instantly. Later Lord Krishna reminds her of the boon she had sought as Bhudevi. The slaying of Naraka by Sathyabhama could also be taken to interpret that parents should not hesitate to punish their children when they stray on to the wrong path.

Diwali 2009 Wallpapers:

diwali wallpapers

diwali wallpapersd subh diwali

diwali wallpapersd happy diwali

diwali wallpapers

diwali wallpapers 2009

Diwali 2009 Greeting Cards:

Diwali 2009 Greeting Cards

Diwali Greeting Cards

Diwali 2009 Greeting Cards happy diwali

Diwali 2009 Greeting Cards subh diwali

Diwali 2009 Greeting Cards happy dipawali

Diwali 2009 SMS:

  • Sun glows for a day, Candle for an hour, Matchstick for a minute, But a wish can glow days forever,So here is my wish for glowing DIWALI, glowing life.
  • This diwali I’m sending you CASH:
    please do accept with love.. Good luck and have a safe Diwali.
  • Nayi umeed aur khushi lekar aya aaj savera. Sukh-Samrudhi, hasi-khushi, ka ho apke ghar me dera. SHUBH DIPAWALI.
  • Diwali kuch nahi hai ek nam roshni ka, kijiye kabul jara ye salam roshni ka,ghar ke aangan me jalata hu wo diya, aaya hai lekar paigam roshni ka… Happy Diwali.
  • May the Divine Light of Diwali remove the darkness of ignorance and sorrow and bring about wisdom, health, peace and prosperity in the times to come…With Best Wishes… HAPPY DIWALI.
  • This Diwali,may you be blessed with good fortune as long as Ganeshji”s trunk,wealth and prosperity as big as his stomach ,happiness as sweet as his ladoos and may your trouble be as small as his mouse. HAPPY DIWALI.”
  • Deep Jalte jagmagate rahe, Hum aapko Aap hame yaad aate rahe, Jab tak zindagi hai, dua hai hamari ‘Aap Chand ki tarah Zagmagate rahe…’ Happy Diwali.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such historical information on Diwali and for the nice pictures too. The diwali snaps looking awesome. I will move these all pictures to my image gallery. I like the SMS too. They are so much interesting to read. I enjoyed this blog too much. Thanks for this nice post here. I like this site very much.


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