NY Season 6 Episode 3 Preview S06E03 "Lat 40 Degrees 47 Minutes N/Long 73 Degrees 58 Minutes W"

NY : TV Series presents its latest Episode no. 3 "Lat 40 Degrees 47 Minutes N/Long 73 Degrees 58 Minutes W" from Season 6, which airs on October 7, 2009.


TV Series : NY
Title : "Lat 40 Degrees 47 Minutes N/Long 73 Degrees 58 Minutes W"
Genre : Crime Drama.
Director : Matt Earl Beesley.
Writer : Trey Callaway.
Air Date : October 7, 2009.
More Details : IMDB, TV.

Starring Cast of NY S06E03 :

  • Eddie Cahill as Detective Donald "Don " Flack
  • Hill Harper as Dr. Sheldon Hawkes
  • A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross (Episodes 93+, Recurring Previously)
  • Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback (Episodes 93+, Recurring Previously)
  • Anna Belknap as Lindsay Monroe (Episodes 26+)
  • Carmine Giovinazzo as Danny MesserMelina Kanakaredes as Detective Stella Bonasera
  • Sarah Carter as Haylen Becall
  • Gary Sinise as Detective Mack Taylor

Guest Cast of NY S06E03 :

  • James Martin Kelly as Cliff Angell
  • Benjamin Benitz as Kimball Saks
  • Amara Cash as Tour guide
  • Josie Davis as Calliope Eckhart
  • Skeet Ulrich as Hollis Eckhart
  • Kelly Kolatac as Cute girl

Synopsis of NY Season 6 Episode 3 :

In the Episode 3 you can see that A man who has apparently committed suicide is found hanging from a window on Ellis Island. The team has to figure our how the death occurred. It is very interesting episode and also a very important so guys do not forget to see this episode.

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