Powermat Wireless Charger

Powermat wireless charger

In an age where technology advances at an alarming rate, we have often wondered why we still need to connect our equipment to an outlet to charge them. Palm is one of the first companies to release a product that allows pre-tax, without the need for a Mains cable plugged into the phone.

For those of you have been jealous of wireless charger Palm Press "touchstone" and you'll be glad to know that the charger Powermat Wireless is now available and can be purchased at Best Buy and Target stores.

Engadget tells us that the wireless charger Powermat cost $ 99.99 and the price of each recipient is $ 40. A variety of receivers that includes an Apple iPhone, RIM Blackberry, and also for the Nintendo DS.

Powermat wireless charging device aims to help frustrated users charge their army of battery powered devices. It transfers energy wirelessly to portable devices such as laptops, PSP or iPhone etc., by using "Magnetic Induction". A receiver is attached to the device for any gadget under 100 watts. Any gadgets that are above100 watts will use a retractable attachment that connects magnetically to the mat.

One feature that's sure to be a hit among greenies is that Powermat is energy-efficient, halting charging once a battery is full. "So many of the smartphones are battery hogs, so you can charge them at a useable level for you, " Ms. Meyer said.

The concept behind the work, said Harry Woods of Woods Witt Dealy & Sons, is to show there's no need to fight that big bunch of cords sitting in your kitchen or crawling under your desk to plug something in. "A simple statement is key, especially with technology," said Mr. Woods.

The Powermat launch is the first global campaign for Woods Witt, a shop of only a dozen full-time staffers. Mr. Woods and his partner in the agency, Gill Witt, worked together for 12 years at BBDO, New York, before hanging their own shingle in 2005. In addition to Powermat, clients include Hickory Farms, CNBC and Butternuts Beer & Ale.

Wood and Witt are also known in ad circles for being outspoken critics of industry award shows and are the creators of the anti-award show the "Wrath of Cannes."


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