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The Autonomobile is only a concept, and designers to predict that it will be around until the 2040th The design has room for seven, panoramic windows, and no pedals or the driver's seat. Instead of entering and running, passengers simply answer the question of Atnmbl "Where can I take?" Since there is no need to manually control the vehicle, the occupants are free to have conversations, surfing the web, catch up on work or nap in his travels.

Could further drive technology to make the streets safer. There would be more worried about drunk driving or distracted. No more very young people having to wait for rides, not older people have to ask if they are still able to drive safely. Vehicle without a driver leaves passengers at the curb, then parks itself, which means a likely reduction in parking-related fender Bender. Each reel has a separate engine, four wheel drive. The Atnmbl is electric and solar power, making it more environmentally friendly vehicles. It's like Ultra vehicles.

The Driverless Car photo

It was built by a designer of the space age. Martin Lowson worked at Saturn V rocket that launched the Apollo missions. He later designed the wings of the world's fastest helicopter.

The driverless car is interesting because of several things.

  • It will never crash (in theory), which is going to be great news for the 40,000+ people who die in car crashes each year. And that is in the US alone.
  • Because it never crashes you can make much better use of the interior. Today every seat, and every function is focused on you looking out of the front window while driving.
  • It will be far more economical and give you a smoother ride.
  • The many problems with congestions and traffic jams will be a thing of the past, because driverless cars are not subject to human reactions. As seen in this video.
  • It can park itself, and pick you up later.
  • It can introduce a completely new form of transport. (Hey, I will just send my car to pick up the package)


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