Seria Citroen С-Cactus Car

Seria Citroen ?-Cactus Car

The information that Citroen will start manufacturing cars under a new label, proves to be true. While some sources report that the French want the new "budget" in cars that cost less than EUR 10 000 under the brand essential. And the car was on the ground that С-Cactus concept was first demonstrated in 2007 will be the first model here.

Yes, but expect a number will С-Cactus would be too naive. All too rarely since the French model has proved. Therefore, the new car only a slight similarity С-Cactus. According to British magazine Auto Express, Citroen will be issued as new 5-door hatchback, and the size of cars will not be displayed more than С2 baby.

Meanwhile, C-Cactus is not more expensive than a car in the range of the family. Its low production costs attributable to the use of new materials and a process of rational design with fewer parts. Compartment consists of just over 200 parts, which is almost half the number used by a conventional hatchback of similar size.

C-Cactus is an essential tool with sharp styling and attractive features. Its curves give it a fun look and strong appeal, while the angles and rounded lines of the bodywork underline its dynamic character.

Seria Citroen ?-Cactus Car pics C-Cactus sets high standards for comfort on board, with a roomy interior that deserves a family car. It is 4.2 meters long and 1.8 meters wide with a wide range of equipment including air conditioning with automatic temperature control, a system of high quality sound, a panoramic glass sunroof, cruise control and a speed limiter.

To achieve real environmental impact, Citroën's objective has always been to market technologies and vehicles that are available to the greatest number. The purpose of C-Cactus is a step further by carrying out a car whose hybrid HDi engine makes it truly ecological car, but can be sold for the same price as an entry-level family car.

With its diesel hybrid Drivetrain combining a 70 bhp DIN HDi diesel engine with particulate filter and an electric motor provides additional power of 30 bhp DIN, C-Cactus uses just 3.4l/100 km with CO2 emissions of 78 g / km in a combined cycle . In urban areas, ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) mode provides silent, all-electric operation. On trips with subsequent acceleration and deceleration, the hybrid system limits fuel consumption by using both types of energy.

Based on the bold but rational use of parts and materials, C-Cactus is an essential vehicle reflecting a new vision of the car focused on:

  • a new balance of priorities, and a design that pursues the essential without sacrificing comfort
  • a design in which ecology and economy are synonymous not with dullness, but with expression and pleasure.


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