Kristen Stewart on Allure US Magzine Cover

Kristen Stewart on Allure US Magzine Cover pics

Kristen Stewart Photoshoot for Allure magzine U.S. actress Kristen Stewart is the USA. Attention was placed on the face of women's beauty magazine Allure U.S. November months 2009th When he cover photo taken after this time an interview for the magazine was to discuss his new and final movie in the series, Twilight.

Kristen Stewart on Allure US Magzine Cover photo

One might think Kristen Stewart too smart to fire a girly space for the magazine and Allure. This is a cover for his last appearance at Interview Magazine, and rounds to talk about his latest film in the Twilight series.

She said in an interview: "I suppose, and I use a T-shirt funky and my hair is dirty, and people say:" What about her? They need to invest in a hairbrush ... I would not know? I'm not the girl never that I was the girl. I was not really clean, last year. "

He added: "I spend much of my time to protect against sound sincere about something, you will die ... maybe I overcompensated ... I care so much. And it is reported as the opposite. And even do this, which would be like, oh, he's trying to tell us ... "

Kristen Stewart on Allure US Magzine Cover pictures


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