From Mexico with Love Movie

From Mexico with Love

Director:Jimmy Nickerson
Writers:Glen Hartford, Nicholas Siapkaris.
Genre:Action- Drama.
Staring cast:Angélica Aragón,Steven Bauer,Kuno Becker,Steve Bilich,Carl Ciarfalio,Anthony Cristo,Tony Donno,Daniella Dotti,Richard Dyer,Danay Garcia,Glen Hartford,Lu Johnson,Henry Kingi,Michael Klesic,Stephen Lang,Gene LeBell,Robert E. Martinez,Bruce McGill,J.E. Meris, Alex Nesic,Juan Gabriel Pareja,Fred Parker Jr.,Kourtney Pogue,Monica Ramon.

HECTOR VILLA, physically tough, but emotionally self-destructive, is one of the millions of illegal migrant workers vying for a new life in the U.S., and will do everything he can to rise above picking fruit in the dirt. Hector dreams of being a boxer, like his father before him, but finds he has to fight just to survive the grim reality of living on a Texas Ranch. During the day Hector works long hours under the scorching sun. But at night, he trades his work gloves for boxing gloves, fighting in the surrounding bars and converted barns, where a five dollar entrance fee and a few rounds in a makeshift ring can score the winner more than a days pay in the sweltering fields.

But when his mother ROSA becomes ill, Hector's forced to take as many fights as he can to pay for her expensive heart medicine. He takes on all comers and starts to win big, becoming a local hero to his migrant co-workers, but only one man says who can and can't fight in this town. BIG AL STEVENS owns the Ranch, the land, and everything on it, including the local boxing arena where his son ROBERT reigns as the undefeated champ, and Big Al plans to keep it that way.

He's not going to let one of his pickers take the shine off his son's rising star. Hector is severely beaten by Big Als men and dumped in the Mexican desert. He wakes up homeless and penniless, and is forced to live on the desperate streets of Mexico, fighting in any venue he can for food and lodging. And when he hears of his mother's death, only the fierce hunger of facing Robert in the ring keeps him alive. Things take a turn for Hector when his finds BILLY JENKS, the grizzled, down and out ex-boxer that trained Robert. Billy dumped Robert after learning that he was on the juice, but refuses to help Hector in his impossible quest to beat Robert.

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