Kim Kardashian in South African FHM

Kim Kardashian in South African FHM

These "water goddess" photos of Kim Kardashian started earlier this week was actually a part of your session for South Africa next month's FHM. Because really, with all HIV, mass rape, and wanton killing, why not do a session of bikini in South Africa? For the sake of authenticity, but it should have included some pictures from a farmer to get stabbed in the neck and maybe a girl or two schools that jackrolled in the background. These are only the smells of the abundance of America.

Here Kim Kardashian chosen by FHM South Africa to represent the booty to America in November 2009 edition. Strangely enough, his unique vision backporch we get is a snapshot of the page to cover ... Undoubtedly, because Africans were taken by surprise when stripped down to a swimsuit, and what hunger in Africa, and all believed that a donkey with enough meat in the feed, a people who violate the feelings of the readers .. . and then they took the way of their American counterparts, and photoshopped to death.We believe it would have been much more realistic and geographically appropriate if photographed Kim is kidnapped by a gang member with a machete and becomes soup lard to Freedom Fighters in Africa ... but it is only us, hungry-for-the-truth journalists.

Kim Kardashian in South African FHM photos

Kim Kardashian in South African FHM pics

Kim Kardashian in South African FHM pictures

Kim Kardashian in South African FHM hot photos

Kim Kardashian in South African FHM hot pics


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