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Charla Nash, 56, survived an attack by a 200-pound chimp, who left her eyes, nose or mouth. The attack took place on 16 February 2008, when the owner of the chimpanzee, Sandra Herold, Nash asked his friend and employee, to help attract the enraged chimp named Travis back in the house.

Nash carries a veil when she goes for walks every day in order not to scare anyone. She told Oprah that she can not breathe through your nose and eat it with a straw.

"Even thinking about it," states Nash speech Wednesday episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show." "And no time for it anyway because I need to heal, you know, do not look back." Doctors told him two weeks ago that Nash would never see, because he lost both eyes. She said she did not remember the brutal attack, and do not want to know about his injuries. "It is the least for me to worry if you do not know," he said.

Nash's family have asked the Connecticut Office of Claims Commissioner for approval of a claim is 150 million U.S. dollars against the State for failing to protect her. Meantime, a biologist with the State of Connecticut and Nash warned that the chimpanzee could herald was dangerous.

A suit by a further 50 million U.S. dollars is lodged against the owner of the chimpanzee citing negligence. Advocate Herold, Robert Golgo that the attack was work-saidthe, and the case be treated as a claim for compensation.

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