Lauren Johnson Sneezes 12,000 Times A Day

Lauren Johnson photos

As many as 12 times a minute and 12,000 times a day, 12-year-old Lauren sneezes. And there’s nothing that six professionals, including doctors, a psychologist and a hypnotist, have been able to do to stop it. That's a Whole Lotta Kleenex. Lauren Johnson is a 12-year-old girl who says she can not stop sneezing.

The middle son of a cold two weeks ago and can not seem to eliminate the need to sneeze, says she can sneeze up to 12,000 times a day.Doctors call the condition "machine gun sneezing." Johnson, who could not attend school because of sneezing, has visited six doctors seeking a cure for non-stop sneezing, without results so far.

A doctor believes that the symptoms only Johnson could be a case of mental illness irretractable "as those caused by stress. But with only 40 cases documented in the world, is an unusual problem which seems to have no easy solution. Johnson gets a little breathing space. Once asleep and enter REM sleep, apparently to stop sneezing.

12-Year-Old Girl Can't Stop Sneezing Vedio (YouTube)


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