International Men's Day 2009

19 November is Celebrated International Men's Day 2009 | 19 November International Men's Day | International Men's Day 2009 | International Men's Day

International Men's Day

There are many days we celebrate like women, children, father, mother and millions other things. But the idea of a toast to men on a particular day was not high on anybody’s agenda. But in 1999, the former USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev came with the idea of celebrating "Being Men".

Since then 19 November is celebrated as Men's International Day. Welfare of men of all India Association (AIMWA), it seems, has a number of grouse to be treated by society as a whole, that men have always been portrayed as sex, and so the children learn to hide their emotions, men are treated as ATMs and " sperm donors, and therefore exploited the world persistently ask women about their problems, but does not like men.

Many of the male members of the Save Indian Family Foundation (Siff), has announced plans to leave with unpaid leave in an office that can work until 19 November. They want to highlight the plight of men who suffer because of conversion of laws originally designed to support and empower women.

The protests led to the international day for women is unique because there is no special social organization for men, in contrast to the hundreds of feminist organizations working across the country to improve women's situation.

In a press release issued by Siff, who says there is little antagonism against women in their minds. Most of the anger is directed against two laws that establish a handful of women and their supporters an opportunity to milk men apparently innocuous in terms of money.

Siff members not provide maintenance and other services, later, maintenance, as part of this repression. Siff also want to highlight the plight of the parents who have not seen her children for years because of the whims of his former wives.


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