World Toilet Day - 19 November

World Toilet Day

19 November is World Toilet Day - a chance to encourage a greater awareness of the importance of toilets and a safe and hygienic environment.

Around 2.5 billion people lack access to a basic toilet and poor sanitation kills a child every 17 seconds.According to the founder of World Toilet Organization, Jack Sim, toilets are "the best preventive medicine."

"The bathroom has always been an intimate part of human civilization. But these days, there is a stigma associated with habits, sanitation and" toilet culture "he said.

This is what led Sim, Ashoka Global Fellowship, to abandon his business and set up World Toilet Organization (WTO) in November 19, 2001.

To highlight the situation of people without access to basic sanitation, such Machhad visited Cologne. During the visit it was discovered that despite the high demands that the Pakistani Government to Open defecation Free (ODF) in 2013, more people in this district is still involved in the stools, and those with a bathroom, is without an adequate drainage system to remove human waste. This situation has led to the deaths of three children in the last ten days.

A non-governmental organization with 151 member organizations in 53 countries, the WTO's attempts to integrate the "culture of cleanliness" and raising global awareness on sustainable sanitation activities. Its founding is celebrated World Toilet Day, as every day for years.

World Toilet Day may seem like a joke, but for 2.5 million people worldwide who lack access to toilets and sanitation, certainly not.

Now a book of the best 24 bards in Bog poem is launched on World Toilet Day.


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